ACNH QR Codes Bidoof Crossing – tricky-pitfall-seed: Tricky Fashions #2: Team…

Bidoof Crossing - tricky-pitfall-seed: Tricky Fashions #2: Team...

Tricky Fashions #2: Team Rocket’s Rockin!

I was never too satisfied with any of the Team Rocket uniforms I could find on the custom design portal, so I decided to make my own. I might have went a little overboard, and recreated every Rocket outfit from the entire series… oops.

The clothes I used alongside that match in color are the Dandy Hat, Pleather Flare Skirt for the girls, Sweatpants for the boys, Lace-up boots for LGPE and Steel-toed boots for all the others.

Able sisters code – MA-4027-0946-1000

Please leave your comment and email for any question or code request, we will reach you soon.

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