ACNH QR Codes happyhappydesigns:Fleece Navidad – An Ugly Christmas Sweater…

happyhappydesigns:Fleece Navidad - An Ugly Christmas Sweater...


Fleece Navidad – An Ugly Christmas Sweater Collaboration

Another collaboration brought to you by several IG designers and myself! 🙂
My piece in this collection is ‘Eat, Drink & Be Meowy’, based on a sweater that I found irl(pic included)!

Hope you all enjoy! All other design codes can be found on the creators’ IG accounts below:

Top Row, Left to Right:
Nordic Christmas: @mtv_cribbs_
Jingle Bells: @canton.crossing
Eat, Drink & Be Meowy: @crescentblue.acnh (me!)

Middle Row:
Look Mom I’m A Meme: @okayshima.crossing
Oh Deer!: @acnh.skdesigns
Milk and Cookies: @nook_by_the_book

Bottom Row:
Snowfolk Parade: @giih.acnhdesigner
Mistletoe Mishap: @animali_crossing

Please leave your comment and email for any question or code request, we will reach you soon.

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