Nintendo DS Cheat Codes for Anno Action Replay Updated

Nintendo DS Cheat Codes for Anno Action Replay Codes works only with Action Replay Device . We shared Cheat Codes for Anno . Keep eye on us

  1. (M)

  2. Game ID: CANP-39255E5C

  3. All Chapters Unlocked

    2212f84d 00000006

  4. Max Gold

    022cfc40 000f423f

  5. Max Gold After Use

    020afd38 e3a0193d

  6. Sea Charts Available

    020c3ef4 e3a00003

  7. All Buildings/Techs are Available

    020b00c8 e3a00000
    020b00e0 e3a00001

  8. Freeze Enemy Ai Ships

    020c45fc e3a00000

  9. Wood Ressources Increase when used

    020afcdc e1a00000

  10. Stone Ressources Increase when used

    020afcfc e1a00000

  11. Iron Ressources Increase when used

    020afd1c e1a00000

  12. Max Ressources Codes:

  13. Max Wood

    122ce700 000003e7
    020af72c e1a00000

  14. Max Stone

    122ce708 000003e7
    020af72c e1a00000

  15. Max Iron

    122ce710 000003e7
    020af72c e1a00000

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