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Toy Story 3 (EU) DS Action Replay Codes

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These codes for Eu version DS Toy Story 3.Codes tested. (M) 00000000 00000000 00000000 02380010 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000002 00000000 00000000 00000000 02003000 Game ID:VT3V-42CCE0DD AR Fix (Must be ON) 62387fdc eba00da6 023fffe8 00000000 02003038 e8bd4038 02387fdc eba00da6 d2000000 00000000 All Missions Unlocked 221b26bc 000000ff

This post includes Pokemon Black and White DS Ar codes.You must have Action Replay Device for apply codes. Pokemon Black Version Game ID: IRBJ B39DB08A Disable No Exp AP Credits to 2ch 52004EA4 E12FFF1E 02004EA4 EAFFFDED E2004660 0000005C E59F003C E5901000 E59F2038 E1510002 059F1034 05801008 05801148 059F102C 058010A8 058011E8 E59F0024 E5901000 E59F2020 E1510002 03A01001 05C0100A E12FFF1E  [ Read More ]

Bleach:The 3rd Phantom DS US Action Replay Codes

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these codes very useful vfor bleach:The 3rd phantom ds us Enjoy Game ID:YBTE-42e7a327 Out Of Battle Codes: Max HP (All Characters) c0000000 00000005 121db448 0000270f dc000000 0000013c d2000000 00000000 Full HP (All Characters) c0000000 00000005 121db446 0000270f dc000000 0000013c d2000000 00000000 Max SP (All Characters) c0000000 00000005 121db44e 000003e7 dc000000 0000013c d2000000 00000000 Full SP  [ Read More ]

Bleach:Dark Souls DS (US) Action Replay Codes

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Bleach:Dark souls ds platform codes its work with only ar device Game ID:ABZE-cb5dcee1 Infinite Health 62118664 00000000 b2118664 00000000 1000025a 00000100 d2000000 00000000 Infinite Lvl.3 Special Power 62118664 00000000 b2118664 00000000 200002b4 00000003 d2000000 00000000 Press Select for Max Kan 94000130 fffb0000 12115fd4 0000270f d2000000 00000000 Enjoy!

Jam Session DS Action Replay Codes

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This code for unlock extra songs Platform:Nintendo DS Game :Jam Session Game ID: AHDE-08C238A5 Unlock Extra Songs 22129801 00000001

Jewel Quest Expeditions DS (Eu) Action Replay Codes

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You can use these codes with Action replay device.Codes will help you in game 😉 Game ID: YJQP-ECE6DC72 Infinite Time d9000000 021da9f4 d6000000 021da9f0 d2000000 00000000 Infinite Lives 621d5f04 00000000 b21d5f04 00000000 20000008 00000009 d2000000 00000000 Have/Infinite Special Moves 621d5f04 00000000 b21d5f04 00000000 20000009 00000009 d2000000 00000000 Start With Codes: Start with 1 life 02003a24  [ Read More ]

Codes for Jewel Master:Cradle of rome Eu Version for DS Platform Game ID: CRAP-ac5e6375 Stop (SELECT)/ Start (START) Timer 62000000 e59f0014 e2000000 00000020 e59f0014 e1500005 1a000001 e3a0003b ea00449d e1a00231 ea00449b 027e353c d0000000 00000000 94000130 fffb0000 6205aea0 00000000 52000000 e59f0014 02018fc8 e1a00000 02011288 eaffbb5c d2000000 00000000 5205aea0 00000000 02018fc8 e5801008 02011288 e1a00231 d0000000 00000000 94000130 fff70000  [ Read More ]

These codes useful for Jewel Master:Cradle Of Egypt DS Eu version Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt DS (EU) Action Replay Codes : Game ID: BEGP-990f8a02 Slot 1 Codes: Max Food 02068da0 000f423f Max Money 02068d98 000f423f Max Resources 02068d9c 000f423f Jump to Level 100 94000130 feff0000 22068d67 000000c7 d0000000 00000000 Single Bonus Always Useable 22068d54  [ Read More ]

Desktop Tower Defense DS (US) Action Replay Codes

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Nintendo DS Platform Desktop Tower Defense us Action replay codes Enjoy Game ID:COUE-6f37e66f Infinite Lives 0200fd7c e1a00000 Infinite Money 02010908 e1a00000 Money Multiplier Boost 020101b4 e0841187

i used these works.Enjoy guys Nintendo DS Dragon Quest IX:Sentinels of the Starry Skies Part 2 (US) AR Codes: Game ID: YDQE-23A95403 Exp Codes: EXP Multiplier x2 5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832082 D0000000 00000000 EXP Multiplier x4 5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832102 D0000000 00000000 EXP Multiplier x8 5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832182 D0000000 00000000 EXP Multiplier x16  [ Read More ]